(Written last week)

My sister surprised me on Thursday night all the way from Abu Dhabi. We spent the whole day together yesterday before she left for London to surprise her parents. She had booked a studio session (her birthday gift to me) for a song I had written in 2020 and were supposed to sing together. On our way to the studio, we talked about how God wants us to surrender to Him and trust Him to plan our lives instead of us trying to take the wheels all the time. I reminded her that I call it ‘reckless abandon’ – God wants us to leave ourselves in His hand just like that. She began to recall the times I had used that phrase, RECKLESS ABANDON, and was wondering how it became a phrase I loved to use. As we took the last turn towards the studio and I stopped the car, she said ‘Tosin, see’ as she pointed to the building right in front of us: an ABANDONED building with the word RECKLESS right at the top!

When God pulls all the stops to get your attention

We sat in the car silent for a few minutes. We were both ‘shook’. It couldn’t be a coincidence that just a second earlier we were talking about the most random phrase, only to see it on a building right in front of us. If God wasn’t the one speaking at the moment, if it wasn’t God moving, then I don’t know who. The message was loud and clear!

“My girls, I mean it! Maintain the ‘RECKLESS ABANDON’ posture”

Heavenly Father

The song we were going to record is titled AS I WAIT. It’s a song of surrender and trust as we wait on the Lord in every season of life. The only way I can immortalise the moment and the message is to make that photo the song’s cover art so we will never forget the God-moment of 25/11/2022.

By the way, it was a beautiful recording session and I can’t wait to share this amazing song with you!

Which do I pick?

12 thoughts on “RECKLESS ABANDON

    1. WordPress linked me back to the posts I wrote in 2018 with the Reckless Abandon title and my heart melted. The things God does for us through every stage of our lives are amazing. What I realise is His unchanging nature. God is amazing.

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      1. Was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer last JUNE. 3 surgeries and radiation done for now. Blood work good. Have new heartfelt wonderful pink sisters now too besides all the support I have been given here. Have tried to keep up with posts as much as possible. GOD is so good and faithful to me. Tough stuff draws you closer to HIM and HE was there every step of the way and still is. Praising HIM! So excited to see your name here. Bless you!

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        1. Oh my, Maxine! I can imagine what you’ve been through as my mum went through the same in 2017/2018. I am grateful to the Lord who has preserved your life. I join you to praise HIM. I praise HIM with you. Thank you for sharing this with me.


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