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Pastors, Quit Tickling Ears And Preach Real Life Issues

Thank you, Stu. No one would say this if the Lord had not asked them.

Please share with your pastor friends. And don’t tell me that different pastors are called to preach different things. The Gospel is a Salvation message; salvation from sin by the blood of the Lamb.

Something to Stu Over

Why is the church silent on the everyday issues?

I’ll give my thoughts right here and right now!

Pastors are scared! Church members are a tough crowd. You say the wrong thing behind the pulpit you could lose your job because you “offended” someone in the congregation.

Well, I say good, they NEED to be offended. It’s called CONVICTION of the Holy Spirit!

It’s the job of the pastor to guide his flock that God has placed him in charge of. You can NOT guide a flock of sinners “saved” by grace if you are not talking issues. And the reason I put saved in quotation marks is because probably half the church thinks they are saved, when in fact they are just religious.

All these happy go lucky, smiling all the time preachers need to quit telling folks that if they accept Christ into their heart everything will be…

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