. . . of Simplicity, Service and Love

I've been on a special journey with the Lord since that grey Monday. On this journey, many walls I have built over the years have been pulled down and layers of veils torn apart as He gently strips me down to the original state He intended when He created me. I wish I can write [...]

Songs in the Darkness

Yesterday was . . . But God! And through the darkness, He sang to me, and He still rejoices over me with singing. Today, I share my 'Songs in the Darkness', so I'll never forget His words to my heart . . . and so that you, if you find yourself in the dark, will [...]


Facebook reminded me of this post I wrote 2 years ago, and it couldn’t have been at a better time. The stages of life are many, some last for such long periods, others are short and testing, but every stage we respect will bring out the best in us.

Don’t crumble under the pressure, there is always light at the end of every tunnel, and if you come out of it at night . . . wait for daylight!

Alethea's Mind

Kofi sat in his dimly-lit room, all alone. A half-empty bottle of cheap whisky occupied the only free space on his untidy bedside table. The state of the table was no different from that of his tiny apartment. Dirty clothes shared his bed, and he hadn’t had a decent bath in three days. With his water cut off, it could be a few days before he would get to feel its coolness on his skin.

Plastered on the wall in the corner of his room, half-covered by a hanging pair of jeans, was an old clipping from a business magazine. Kofi’s sad eyes met it in the darkness as he read aloud to himself, “Kofi Akoto, The next big thing in . . . ” He couldn’t bring himself to read on. The smiling face on the page bore no resemblance to him anymore. He envied that image. He wished…

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Parsley, Radishes and the Dangers of Comparison.

When I was young and living with my parents in Nigeria, I enjoyed planting things. I would take care of the flower pots and spend some sweat tending to the flower beds that surrounded our house. My dad loved trees, so we had a good number of them: Guava, Avocado, Orange, Coconut, Plantain and Banana [...]

Lord, Heal Our Land

Finally getting to share this post. Let’s pray these words with my dear Kathy.

Maggie Tiggles


Yesterday, as I prayed, so many things came to mind to pray about.

I had a deep devotional time in Mark 11, and I will write about that in another post.

I took a long walk.

A couple walked together, hand-in-hand, and smiling. Another couple worked together on a project on their back stoop. Children ran and laughed in the park.

Lord, knit Your families together.

I met a man on his walk, one from our church. We smiled and chatted, staying 6 feet apart.

Lord, build Your Body.

I saw a dad and son playing ball in the park.

Lord, turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest You come and smite the earth with a curse. (Malachi 4.6)

May there be tents set up in back yards, with giggles inside.

Birds were chitter-chattering, swirling in the air…

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Add Your Drop!

"Do I really need to pray? After all, all the big men of God are praying, isn't that enough? People are praying, God will hear them." That's the devil talking to you. Shut him up!!! You might think your prayers are only a little drop of water, but it only takes one drop for a [...]