Alethea’s Mind is a deep well filled with questions and answers. Alethea’s Mind will probe yours to get it thinking. Alethea’s Mind searches far and wide, seeking wisdom and how to apply it. Alethea’s mind will challenge that popular thought and address it with clarity. Alethea’s Mind will point you to Truth.


Oh . . . sorry . . . about me, the writer? My name is Tosin Iyawo Ogaga. I’m Ogaga’s wife, and we’re currently the parents of 2 adorable angels who we love to death. I started writing a long time ago when I was hurting a lot; my pen and paper never judged me, that’s why. But now, I write because I’m on a mission. I write because I’m a voice. I write because Truth needs a pipeline to flow . . . and that’s me . . . nice to meet you too.