The Turning: An Experience

With my legs shaking and my heart pounding, I decided I wanted to be a part of the experience. I wanted to know how it worked and experience how easy it will be to share my faith using a script . . .

As a Christian, I have been a part of quite a number of outreach programs, mostly in Nigeria and Ghana. The very first one was to fulfil the final requirement of my Foundation Bible Class. I was a teenager and didn’t really understand what it meant to share my faith, but I did it anyway. I remember at Uni how we would take 10 days off our holidays after every year to go share the gospel of Jesus in the most remote parts of Ghana. I looked forward to those times of camping with my friends, sometimes without any electricity or mobile network. We would walk for miles and sometimes go on bicycles to reach people. Even then, I didn’t understand what it REALLY meant to share my faith, but I did it still. But living in Malaysia and the UK has shown me a different side of outreach: The Fear Factor. I remember that I have only tried to actively share my faith not more than twice in almost 6 years. Because of how different the society is, and how ‘not very accepting’ I believed the system to be, I have been afraid of offending people. I have been afraid of being rejected. I have been afraid, and sometimes even ashamed of my faith. And even though I joined the Outreach Team at Church on one Saturday morning to go out for evangelism, knocking on doors hoping that the ones on the other side would be receptive to our message, I really didn’t understand what I was doing . . . UNTIL NOW!

Last Thursday, a group of people came to Scotland from the town of Reading, Berkshire to carry out a vision called The Turning. Determined to understand what they were on about, I attended the evening gathering last Friday, and that was when I heard about the SCRIPT. Yeah, a script used in sharing the gospel. I’m a writer, so, of course, I was intrigued and wanted to know what it was all about, so I picked up a copy and read through it. My, oh my! First of all, I must confess that it sounded a bit ridiculous to go out with a piece of paper, stop someone on the road and begin reading to them like a lunatic; not in an ‘enlightened’ society like the one I live in: you’ll certainly look like a fool who had no clue. But then I started to hear the testimonies surrounding the little piece of paper in my hand and I became even more intrigued.

And when they say “after two days”, they actually mean “after two hours, one in each day”!

. . . by just ‘strictly’ following the script!

With my legs shaking and my heart pounding, I decided I wanted to be a part of the experience. I wanted to know how it worked and experience how easy it will be to share my faith using a script, according to the many who had already tried it. Monday, I dropped off my present generation at my friend’s and headed to church to get trained and head out to the streets of Aberdeen. There we were told to always present our most ridiculous smile whenever we approached anyone and introduce ourselves to them, asking for their name in turn. We would then go on to read the contents of the script and stick to it, no matter what curveball the receiver throws at us, and in the end, we will either end up leading them to Christ or walk away leaving them with a blessing. I rehearsed the script over and over again in my head, and even though I didn’t feel ready, I joined the team and went out. All I can say is this: Monday was my testimony of how to survive a bloodbath: smiling! Every single person my partner and I met either made fun of us or brushed us off. We joined the rest of the team after the hour on the streets, feeling wounded and rejected: it wasn’t a good feeling, I must confess. But in the midst of my wounds, I listened as others shared their testimonies of acceptance and openness, that over 30 people had made the decision for Jesus in that hour alone.


This was real, and if I hadn’t felt the move yet, I wasn’t about to give up just yet. So on Wednesday, irrespective of the way I was feeling physically and emotionally, I braced myself and went for another session. Arriving just in time to catch a pair on their way, I joined them towards the direction they wanted to go, and I must say that this was the same direction I had felt strongly in my heart would be where I would tread on my mission: it was a divinely orchestrated meet-up. As we walked on the street, the Lord gave us such boldness that we stopped people who seemed to be in a hurry and others just hanging around. This was the Lord giving me the opportunity to share His love with those lost and searching, and I tell you, all those ripe apples just fell off the tree as such a beautiful harvest. The responses gave me more boldness that even when I was brushed off, I didn’t feel rejected in any way, I smiled and left whoever with a blessing in return. We came back after the hour to join others, all with smiles on our faces as the Lord had opened His heavens over us, and the testimonies were phenomenal. When the numbers came, I didn’t know what to say in response:

turning 2
Yes, after 5 hours . . .

A revival! A beautiful revival! I never knew I’ll ever experience such in my lifetime.

In the society where we believed that no one was interested in Jesus, and where we believed that we would rather be quiet so as not to offend anyone. In the society where those who believe in God are almost deceived to think they’re lunatics, and where being good is enough to get one to heaven: in this society, souls have been saved and are still being saved as I write this.

The Turning in Aberdeen officially ends today and I can’t wait to hear the final numbers, because these are not just numbers, these are souls who have been reunited with their Maker. These are lives that have been transformed. These are people who have just received the best gift ever.

What The Turning has done is make us realise that we need not be afraid to share the good news of God’s love. It has made us aware that our times of outreach need not be the time to grow our church register but to draw the hearts of men to the knowledge of their Maker. It has opened our eyes to the truth of a ripe harvest in the midst of scepticism, and that we need not beat around the bush as we approach people: yes, the weather is fine and their gardens might be well kept, and sure, those topics are good starters for a conversation, but what people really need to hear is this:


. . . And a chance to think about where they’ll spend eternity!

The Turning is not just a program: it’s a lifestyle.

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15 thoughts on “The Turning: An Experience

  1. I am so excited to hear that this movement has reached Scotland!
    God is moving!
    The American Awakening Evangelistic Ministry with Brother Tommie Zito came to Reading, UK in June 2016 to lead The Gate Church, in The Turning, equipping their congregation on how to use the script to lead thousands and thousands of hearts into the arms of JESUS! The Turning was birthed there I am so happy to have been a part of this movement as GOD has breathed on it!

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    1. Oh wow. This is a veteran comment. Thanks for leaving this here. It has so brightened my day. Yes, The Turning is in Scotland and has come to stay. I couldn’t have said it any better: GOD HAS BREATHED ON IT!


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