The Intentional Series #9

Be intentional . . .


As we come close to the final Intentional Series post, I hope we have learnt a thing or two to help us live out our purpose intentionally.

No knowledge is a waste!

Be intentional.

#The Intentional Series

5 thoughts on “The Intentional Series #9

  1. Tosin, I have enjoyed your Intentional series, and have taken a great deal from it! Even if I had to do it so much at a time. Thank you for your patience and your sweet heart. Me and God love you!

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    1. You spent a good deal of time over here today catching up on my posts, and I know you try to do only what the Lord wants you to, so this means a lot to me, that Jesus approves of our fellowship. Thanks for encouraging me by your kindness, sis.

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      1. PTL! I am so grateful He allowed me the opportunity. I miss being able to keep up daily. With His help, I am hopeful to get a new power cord soon and that it helps.
        Following Him leads to wonderful things and delightful souls, as it has me to you! I love our sweet fellowship too! Thank you for being a faith friend to Him too! I love witnessing your love for Him! ❤

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        1. Something is wrong with your power cord? I pray you get a new one too. It may not always be possible to keep up daily, but every time I come here, I’m super blessed, and those moments are precious. May the Lord bless our fellowhship with His presence every single time. 🥰🥰🥰

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