5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths #2

When I do come across a statement or phrase that speaks deep things to my heart or words I never want to forget, I keep a copy of them in my personal treasure chest which I open up for everyone to enjoy in the form of a Witty WordPress Truth post.

Hey people.

Do you remember the first 5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths I shared I while ago?


Welcome to the second episode of the series.

I have read a number of posts written by amazing people in the past few months which to me have been treasure chests full of wisdom and amazing insights. When I do come across a statement or phrase that speaks deep things to my heart or words I never want to forget, I keep a copy of them in my personal treasure chest which I open up for everyone to enjoy in the form of a Witty WordPress Truth post. To let you know that they’re not originally mine, I reference the writers and the posts I gleaned them from. This is also a means for me to encourage other writers in my community by sharing their blogs with those who read mine.

Now on to the business of the day:

When I read this post, it directly spoke to a certain struggle I was trying to overcome. There were times when I opened my WordPress page and clicked on ‘Write’ because I was due for a post. I’d crack my head and it opens with a puff of dust and springy spiderwebs – nothing in it, nothing to write. Most times I’d feel bad; God always has something to say, so the silence must mean I’ve gone deaf or He’s just not speaking to me. But as I read that statement, I realised that in those silent days, He has tried to draw my attention away from what ‘I’ wanted to write to what He was saying through others. So I would head on to ‘Reader’ and bask myself in the words of truth written by others who have His heart, and what a blessing such exercises have been to me. Thanks Denine for sharing these words.

Dr. Perry’s posts have opened my eyes to the reality of ‘mental health’ and how it affects our daily lives. As I read this post, I saw myself as his patient and could envision him shaking his head at the times when I reacted to something completely inconsequential, like the guy who would speed past me because he feels I’m driving too slow, gosh, I would fume and it’ll send my emotions spiralling downhill. O the small stuff, like pins that prick our feet and we scream out like we’ve been hit by a truck. So, I get the message: don’t sweat the small stuff. But to some, my small stuff could be their mountains and their small stuff, my hills. At the end of the day, we would save ourselves a good deal if we just did all we could to guard our hearts against the arrows that life sends our way.

  • “Remember Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’? She just kept saying to herself, “Just keep swimming.” We should be saying to ourselves, “Just keep praising and praying.””Vickie in her post ‘Shout To The Lord…And Pray’

Those words struck such a chord, maybe because I loved the Finding Nemo movie and the sequel Finding Dory. But I know it was more than my love for those movies that drew me to those words – I was and am still drawn to them because of the concluding part of it: ‘Keep praising and praying’. In life, we go through a lot that makes us want to throw in the towel. We crash into obstacles and hurdles and all we want to do it give up. These words are the ‘strength pills’ we need, the ‘energy drink’, if that’s your thing. No matter what, if we keep praising and praying, we’re not only being obedient to God, but we soon realise that in praise and prayer we find the strength to face another day. So thank you for these words, Vickie.

  • “My students used to tease me that they would pay me big bucks to change their grades so that they could pass.  My answer was always the same, “I refuse to compromise my integrity because of your lack of studying.””Vickie in her post ‘Integrity: Do You Have It?

When I read this statement, I laughed my head off. I could imagine Vickie telling her students those words with a grin on her face.  But as I thought about those words, I became sad as I remembered the many instances when people in power have used their offices to cut corners, tell lies, take bribes and cost others their lives. Vickie’s decision to stand for integrity not only set a good example for her students to follow but also saved their lives. A lot of people have cheated their way through life but when the truth does catch up with them, they lose their lives in the process. I hope like Vickie, we all will decide to stand for truth every day and in every way.

All I can say is this: You all need to go read this post! I’ll be doing it a disservice if I tried to write a commentary.

I totally enjoyed compiling these Witty WordPress Truths and I look forward to sharing more of them with you. I urge you to take your time and visit the sites of these amazing writers whose words have blessed me – they will bless you too.

Until next time, ciao!

7 thoughts on “5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths #2

  1. Thank you so much for including me. I love that we grow from learning from each other. And also I needed to be reminded of this today.

    I love your idea of writing and keeping a personal treasure chest of quotes. I am so going to start doing this too. See growing!!!

    Thank you! Love & blessings!

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