5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths #1

. . . every now and then, I come across a simple but witty statement that carries so much weight in meaning.

Ever since I joined the WordPress community, I’ve come across a number of great posts that have touched me in many ways. Some have made me cry, others have made me laugh till I cried. But every now and then, I come across a simple but witty statement that carries so much weight in meaning. Sometimes I’ll find myself in a situation when one of these quotes would jump out at me, and I’ll smile at how applicable they have become in so many ways; tools for life hacks. So I thought it’ll be nice to compile them and reference the writers so they’ll know how much effect their words have, with a little commentary from me. This will also be a way to share their blogs with my own circle of influence and community of readers; my own two cents of encouragement.

So welcome to the 5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths Series.

Here we go:

  • “Life is not a recording studio”Stefan, in his 3 Day Quote Challenge post. I found this quite intriguing. No one ever gets a second take in life, no one. You do it once and you do it now, there’s no retake. So I guess the question is, will you do it well now?


  • “God is not in heaven making us with a cookie cutter”Stuart L. Tutt, commenting on Stefan’s Beat the System post. Did that make you laugh or what? I laughed when I first read it. My imagination runs pretty wild sometimes and what I imagined came right out of a Dr. Seuss animation. But isn’t the statement so true? Many times we judge others by our own expectations and forget that everyone isn’t us. We’re all different, and unique, and lovely in our own right. So yes, there’s no cookie cutter in heaven, at least not in the ‘Creative Department’.


  • “Sometimes life just feels like a one-week-old pot of un-warmed beans”Tamie, in her Musing 5.4.18 post. My life has felt like that sometimes. Stale. Very stale, and mouldy too. Almost like I’ve lost track of what I’m all about. And that’s okay. No one ever has every strand of hair in place ALWAYS. Even Hollywood can’t afford that. So give yourself a break, you’re human, and soon you’ll find the fire again to warm up.


  • “Become sharper so you in turn can sharpen others”Stuart, in his 3 Day Quote Challenge post. This quote reminds me of another I heard a while ago. It went something like if you’re not using your gifts and talents to touch the lives of others, you’re a thief. That’s an awesome paraphrase though. But do we realise how many people we have denied a blessing because we have sat on a gift or talent or refused to get better in our fields? Let the selfishness end, and let’s sharpen ourselves to sharpen others.


  • “Don’t ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and minds”The Godly Chic Dairies, in her Leap of Faith post. THIS. HIT. ME. HARD. Yes, it did. Because I’m a ‘Shrinkster’ in recovery. There were so many times when I belittled myself or my ideas so I could be pitied to get some attention. Pitiful attention. I knew that for a long time I suffered with a very low self-esteem. It was only in Christ I began to realise that the me that I am is the best that has happened yet, and in Him, I’m all I can be. So yes, ‘Shrinkers Anonymous’, shrink no more!


I hope I keep coming across witty truths like these that will inspire me and everyone around me. And here’s a big thank you to all the writers of these quotes. May your godly wisdom always grow.

18 thoughts on “5 Witty ‘WordPress’ Truths #1

  1. I was not sure what to expect when I started reading this post. I have to admit I smiled as I read each one. A lot of thought by others created wonderment inside of me today. Thanks !!

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  2. This is cool!!
    Interesting quotes. The last one hit home gaaaaan. It got the wheels of a post churning in my head sef.
    Thanks dearie for the mention and for sharing.

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  3. Wow! I’m humbled that what God has placed on my heart to share has touched you dear sis. What a blessing this post has been to me just now! With little tears of humbled joy…I say thank you for sharing these quotes. I loved Stefan’s as well. 🙂

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    1. Super blessed to know you from your writings Stuart. You’re such a mouthpiece for the Lord. What this series I have started will do is encourage me to read more and digest more of what the Lord is saying through others, and sharing them will be such a blessing. Thank you dear friend.

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  4. I am really humbled by this. I am always overwhelmed when I see other people being touched by what I write. I think it’s an honour to communicate with another human being. So, thank you! I loved every quote here. The last quote was amazing! 🙂 God bless you!! 🙂

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  5. I loved this post, Alethea! The quotes and your take on them were a pretty powerful take away. Thanks for the laugh with Dr. Seuss! 😉 I love WordPress Community too! Especially since you’re a part of it! ❤ Me and God love you!

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