They Are Coming For Our Children . . .

What will you do?

I honestly do not know how to write this post. It will be the crudest one I have written so far, and I don’t mind, as long as the message is passed.

Every time evil felt threatened by good, it ultimately responded by wiping out children. 

Then Pharaoh commanded all his people to throw into the Nile every Hebrew boy that was born, but to let every girl live.

Exodus 1:22

Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had ascertained from the wise men.

Matthew 2:16

Now evil is coming for our children.

They are telling our children that they have the right to change their sexes.

They are telling our children that they have the right to have no gender at all.

They are telling our children that it’s okay to have sexual feelings for people of the same sex.

They are telling our children that it’s okay to have two daddies, and two mommies, and mommies that were once daddies and daddies that were once mommies.

They are making it law and bringing it into the schools to be taught to our children.

They couldn’t change our minds so they have gone to the minds of our children to sow the seeds that might reap a harvest.

Don’t just sit there and watch Herod murder your child. Don’t sit there and allow them to be thrown into the Nile.

Don’t let these children die.

Fight for your children.

Speak out where you can.

Speak out when you can.

Speak out, in whichever way you can.

22 thoughts on “They Are Coming For Our Children . . .

  1. Praise God!!! Amen to that sister!!! We teach our kids God’s Word and lead them in His Truth. They know abortion is murder and homosexuality is an abomination and so is all the gender bending evil going on. I tell them clearly, “God made us male and female. There are no other genders.” You are spot on about evil wanting to kill our children and amen to fighting back! God bless you!

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  2. CRUCIAL message, Tosin, and thank you for posting. I had a hard time teaching in the public school. Thankfully, I had a self-contained classroom for the severe and profound mentally impaired. My students are incredibly smart in some aspects; I had never prayed with my students before, but they felt free to shout out before we ate (a Thanksgiving feast to which we’d invited administration), “Let’s pray first!”
    God blesses in all kinds of ways.

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    1. I can’t imagine how it must have been for you, especially when the foundation of your nation is supposed to be God Himself. In Europe, they are doing everything humanly and demonically possible to snuff out the light of the gospel and it does seem as though the generation that should have fought kept silent, and the ones coming are joining.

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      1. It’s likely that your post was playing in the back of my mind when I wrote my post for today. You are correct, and it is enormously grieving. My husband and I were discussing that very topic yesterday. Kinda boiled down to, “We think it’s bad in America, but then I read about what’s happening in other parts of the world, what people are following and allowing!” I’m glad it’s God in control.

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    1. Thank you, David, as much as I wish I wasn’t. The depravity worsens, but we must speak out.
      Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to reading more from your blog, Vickie speaks quite highly of you.

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  3. Powerful post and very well said: that since they can’t change the adult’s mind, they are coming for our children’s minds. YES we need to fight, fight, fight!! Satan has a good foothold right now and we should be more outspoken about all of this. Thanks for writing about it!

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  4. I so agree. I don’t have young children anymore, but I have 14 grandchildren, and I do fight for them. I stay informed and I share with my children the dangers I see. And, I pray for them to be rescued from evil.

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  5. You are so sadly right about their coming after our children, and you are 100% right that we need to fight for them! It is just so horrible how they’re coming after our children. Satan is using so many perverse ways, including trafficking. They are so related to one another.
    Fighting the fight with you, Tosin! God bless you for writing it! God loves our children!

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