Something About My Dad

Written by my mum . . .

Samuel Adegbesan Osunlaja.

You were so fascinated with numbers that you read meaning into every combination you came across. Flight numbers, seat numbers, hotel room numbers, and even hospital bed numbers would lead you on a search for a godly interpretation. You had a gift of expounding God’s word and would use these numbers to explain biblical truths by decoding them.

This is the 17th year since that Monday morning when you drove off to work and you have not returned.

It was in the 6th month, on that 17th day, the day you drove off in your Daewoo Espero with registration number AP 617′ EKY. You used to say that you and that car had a divine assignment, but we never understood what you meant until it happened.

Coincidence? No! Masterplan? Yes! Because on that night, in that car on your way from His house, you made your way to the pearly gates to be with Him, the One your heart always desired.

I remember you every day. Every little thing around me draws from the well of memory of the life we shared together. And on Father’s Day, I remember you even more, as the last Sunday you spent on earth was a Father’s Day just like this.

You were the best father to our children, and every day, I see you in each one of them as they grow to love and serve the God that you loved and served with every fibre of your being.

Sleep on beloved of the Lord, till we meet again.



Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 19.14.45
forever love



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