The Ministry of Fear

Can you smell it? It’s in the air, it’s everywhere.

Can you sense it, sending shivers down your spine?

Can you feel it, crawling up your skin like a spider let loose?

Can you see it? It’s right in front of you.



They won’t tell you that they have an agenda

They won’t come to you with the whole story

They won’t let you see the truth for yourself

They won’t let you be free.



Do you know that it’s not a death sentence?

Did you know that the majority are recovering?

Does it seem right that they ignore these facts?

Don’t they know they serve an evil purpose?



Now the people respond in kind

The selfishness within they release

With no regard for the survival of others

They clear the shops just for themselves



There’s nothing new under the sun

We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again

The ministry of fear wrecking havoc

Serving their master, the devil himself.



50 thoughts on “The Ministry of Fear

      1. Amen Tosin!
        Your post has His peace all over it!
        It’s CRAZY on this end. I am constantly bombarded by news and happenings of this virus. Ugh!
        In Christ alone we can find refuge sister friend. In Christ alone.

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      1. Glory to God! Even though we know the source of all of this, and we know he is a liar and a deceiver, it doesn’t mean he is not going to create havoc for us. For indeed they do have an agenda and it is not for our good. But God will bring good out of it.

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  1. I have been wondering about getting the disease, itself. Most recover. But they don’t tell us how long folks are typically laid up with it. Or that, once healed from it, you’re immune.
    Also, since the virus started, I’ve been reading my health guru posts, and they’ve been saying that China was experimenting with high doses of Vitamin C; newer posts say it’s working. All I hear from mainstream media is that virus numbers are dwindling in China. They don’t say why.
    Good post, Tosin! It’s hard to watch all the panic people. I have to say, we live in a small city (16,000). Coronavirus was just “something in the news” until a woman was diagnosed right here in town. That did put a different slant on it.

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      1. Our state of SD is up to 58 cases as of last night. My husband and I went to Menards, Walmart, and grocery early this morning, and we are stocked to the hilt! Fortunately, we didn’t need toilet paper or paper towels. 😉 My son (37) is an engineer at a TV station in another state; his state is on lockdown as of midnight last night. Interestingly, he was handed a typed letter with the seal of US Homeland Security last week, giving “the bearer” rights to transportation for work, gas, etc., due to the fact that “critical communications services are necessary.” He is one of a handful of employees still at the workplace. He sent me a video this morning, a 360 of his workplace: lots of computers humming, hand sanitizer everywhere, no one else around.
        Our house isn’t so much affected, and we thank God that we are living in peace. We have the time and resources to pray for others and help where we can. My husband works at the local food pantry, and goods are flying off the shelves. They get 5-10 new families per day. The store is closed, but people can call ahead; workers box items up and put them outside for people to collect. My husband goes in when no one else is there and restocks, in addition to helping unload trucks when they come.
        How are you and your family doing?

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        1. Wooow!

          I’m glad your son still gets to work, the Lord will keeo him safe. When we hear the numbers sometimes we forget there are faces to them, actual human being with connections to others. God have mercy.

          I imagined it this way, in one night, souls ascend to a destination . . . but which?

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              1. And considering that God blesses obedience, then those who are obedient will thrive (however God views thriving); those who don’t will not. Result: strong families, stronger community, stronger nations.

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  2. What a great post! Yes, oh how fear can come upon us, but those of us who believe stand upon the ROCK that will never move. Been encouraging all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST to find peace and comfort in PSALM 91!! Take care dear one!

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  3. The first time I saw the statistics, I wondered why no one was talking about the number recovering and recovered.

    Yeah, there had been fatalities but there had also been recoveries.
    That was when I knew someone was out there trying to force feed the public with extra portions of fear.

    Not today Satan.

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