Jesu: An Ode to Jesus

Yesterday, while trying to relax after a long day, I decided to watch The Passion of The Christ. That movie has tugged on so many strings in my heart and while watching it again yesterday, I received a new perspective on the weight of what Jesus did. The idea that the gruesome treatment of Jesus was Him actually taking the punishment I should have received broke me. Somewhere in my heart, I know the movie did not do complete justice to Jesus’ suffering, but what the movie did do was show me how incapable I would have been to receive that punishment by myself.

Epic Movie

Do you remember when the soldiers, religious leaders and the one crucified to his right asked Him to get down from the cross? My heart was in my mouth at that point. What would have happened if Jesus decided to come down and not finish the task? What those mockers did not realise was that if Jesus had honoured their request, them all, and the rest of us all would be eternally lost forever.

Now the biggest thing that hit me was the fact that Jesus was not carrying only my sins to that cross. I have lived just over 35 years on this earth and if my sins so far are gathered together, even I would not be able to carry it. But Jesus was carrying the sins of the entire human race from Adam to the last child that will ever be born. My goodness! Only Jesus could have carried it. No one else. No. One. Else.

Last year, in the run up to my birthday, my dear brother, friend and music producer Emmanuel Akinola received a melody for a beautiful song. He shared it with me and asked that I write words to the melody. That was the birth of the song I’m about to share with my WordPress family. If you have already seen it or listened to it, this is another beautiful opportunity to be reminded of the price that Jesus paid for us by following through to the cross.

Jesus, I can’t repay you, but all I can say is THANK YOU!

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