We’re One Year Old

A year ago, I walked out of Church feeling all pumped up, got home, turned on my laptop and created a WordPress site.

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I was wondering when the day would come. To be honest, I thought I had missed it.

A year ago, I walked out of Church feeling all pumped up, got home, turned on my laptop and created a WordPress site. I didn’t think too hard for what to call it, I knew it would be Alethea; my niece had just been born the week before and I had waited for her for years. When my sister told me what her name meant, I fell in love with it: Truth; what’s not to love? I knew God was giving me another chance to obey, and I wasn’t letting this one slide.

My first post, The Resurrection, told the story of where I was at that time, and now I look back to that point, and I know it can only be the workings of GRACE that has carried me this far. So here’s to the giver of great grace, my Father, my God, my King, my Lord: there would be no me without you.

I remember the hype around the first post. Lots of my friends and family were super excited that I had finally damned all the consequences and taken the bull by the horn. They all cheered me on and promised to support me through this journey. There have been days when I felt like “what am I really doing with the blog”, but encouragement always came to keep me on track. So here’s to you all, my family and friends; I love you all.

To all my WordPress family members, it’s been much more fun writing alongside you all. The ways you challenge me, you have no idea. Your comments, tags, awards and referralsΒ have given Alethea’s Mind the boost it needs on this platform. So here’s to you all, you know yourselves, I don’t have to mention your names: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It’s been a year of everything and everything in between. I trust Jesus to keep using this platform to speak his heart: words of encouragement, words of comfort, words of caution, words from his heart of love.


Here’s to Alethea’s Mind:


23 thoughts on “We’re One Year Old

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  1. Thanks be to God for your life. He will be gracious to you and your spiritual and physical destiny you will fulfill. Ride on daughter affect your generation positively..

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  2. PTL! Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary! Sorry to be late to the party! I am so glad God led you to blog, and for allowing me the blessing of your friendship! My sister in Christ! Me and God love you!

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    1. Awww, thanks a lot Gail. You’re never late. I’m so grateful to the Lord for this blessed opportunity. I never even knew the added benefits of such a wonderful support system like you. I’m the blessed one.

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