2020, The Year of the Word – Calendar

Many years ago, my dad, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, began designing calendars that carried messages given to him by the Lord for each coming year. These calendars are printed and given out to anyone who cares to have one, and since we can’t print and share them with the whole world, we used the opportunity technology offers to get it out to a wider audience. So in 2019, for the first time in its over 20 years of production, the calendar was shared online, here on Alethea’s Mind.

I am grateful that God uses whatever means to encourage hearts that look up to Him. Many people sent messages of appreciation as the words in the calendar were life-giving and timely. I believe in the verse of scripture that says:

It is the same with my word.
    I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
It will accomplish all I want it to,
    and it will prosper everywhere I send it. Isaiah 55:11

In 2020, the Lord gave us a word. In fact, it is ‘The Word’, and the calendar reflects just that. He is calling us into a deeper knowledge of Him, and the only way to do that is through listening to Him with an obedient heart.

2020 – The Year of the Word

The design is a lot simpler than we have had in many years, and there is a message in that too: God wants us to return to the simplicity of Scripture. No gimmicks. No philosophy. No Dogma. No complicated theology.

So with Jesus’ joy and all the love in my heart, my family and I welcome you into 2020 with this gift that you can save, print and share. We pray that your heart will always be drawn to the Lord and your hunger for His voice will deepen as you spend time in the word. I believe every verse for every month will speak life into you.

From the Encouragers Family Ministry, welcome to 2020: The Year of the Word (of God)

2020 Calender2020 Calender-12020 Calender-22020 Calender-32020 Calender-42020 Calender-52020 Calender-62020 Calender-72020 Calender-82020 Calender-92020 Calender-102020 Calender-112020 Calender-12

16 thoughts on “2020, The Year of the Word – Calendar

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Wanted to wish you and your family many blessings in 2020. May we all grow closer to GOD and live securely in HIS arms! HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND! Keep writing for the LORD!

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  2. Such a beautiful idea. Thank you for gifting us with one last year. Location: my kitchen, just on my right hand, I look up every day to remind myself of Gods word!! Can’t wait to get this one 😍😍. God bless you and yours.

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