Last Card . . . Check-Up!

Hello family.

A happy new year to you all, and I hope your year has gotten up to a good start.

I’ve been absent for a while and all for good reasons: to get some clarity on what the Lord would have us do in this year. A lot has been brought to the table and one of them is to first clean up my plate to make room for the assignments that I MUST engage in and complete. One of such assignments is a book I was inspired to write in 2010 titled The Men on The Other Side. After about 140 pages in 10 years, I cannot continue to neglect this assignment, so the time has come for me to pick it up again in strict obedience to the call and finish it. There are many other things I hope to do this year, but the book is top on our list, and by God, we will finish it. I say ‘we’, become by mentioning this here, I have indirectly made you all, who care to be, my accountability partners. I hope you accept this challenge.

This blog has given me more than I ever expected. It’s not only a safe space to share the words that God gives me to write down but also a link to a community that supports each other, irrespective of location, personality, interests and all the other things that might have served as a good reason for division. I’m grateful for the over 2-years of building the space and the community around it.

As we go forward, we will continue to share all that is placed in our hearts in the simple and creative ways that we do, and as we focus on completing the book, we might delve into conversations around its content and a few sneak peeks too.

Thank you for all your support over the years.

God bless you.

Alethea’s Mind


What are you up to in 2020? We would love to know how we can support you to achieve them.

14 thoughts on “Last Card . . . Check-Up!

  1. Oh how wonderful on your book! I will encourage you however I can…….but let’s stand on GOD who inspires and carries us through whatever we are doing! I agree, the Christian blog community is a sweet Body of Christ. All comments I see and those I receive seem to all reflect HIS goodness, kindness, and compassion! You all are JESUS in skin to me…… goal for 2020 is simple: learn more and grow closer to GOD. I have small group on Mondays, and then new Bible study through Church on Ephesians and also new study with friend in my neighborhood. All I need to do is walk to her house! I love it. GOD is SO GOOD!!!! May HE bless you much in 2020 Alethea! Just know YOU are a blessing to me! Keep us in the loop on the book too.

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    1. I pray for you, Maxine, that you will indeed experience a closer walk with the Lord in 2020. God is drawing us away from the mudane into deeper things, I sense it as I look at the lives of those around me who love the Lord, and you have confirmed it by your comment. Thank you always for your encouragement. When I read from you, I am the one who is blessed.

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